Let us help you secure your retirement future.

Specializing in Estate, Tax, Federal Employee Benefits, and Retirement Planning.

Financial Services

We have simple and straightforward solutions to set you up for long-term success. 


Tax Planning

Our team can ask you the right questions to insure you are not missing the best opportunities to maximize your tax savings.

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IRA / 401K


Make sure you know all of your options before moving any retirement accounts.

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Asset Protection

We help you understand how each part of your financial assets fit together so you can complete your entire financial picture and make sure it is secure.

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Social Security

Timing is everything.  This will identify how to reduce your federal income tax and coordinate your income with your Social Security benefits so that you can reduce the tax on both. 

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Income Strategies

Let us help you plan for all potential scenarios ensuring you have enough savings for a high quality of life.

You want a relationship with an advisor that you know and trust.
Someone who knows the ins and outs of your retirement strategy.

Let us assist you in safeguarding your hard-earned savings and help minimize your tax burden.
 We look ahead into our client's future to anticipate financial challenges that have the potential to arise.
 Our mission is to provide you with the guidance necessary for you to truly enjoy your golden years.

Khiaria Teachey

We are passionate about helping federal employees understand their federal benefits package. With our personalized analysis report, we are able to display in detail the basis of your financial future on a year to year basis from the time you retire. We are a traveling group based out of Tampa, Fl, holding FREE Seminars, and one on one meetings throughout the United States. We discuss all the federal benefits/programs available with employees and family members both active and retired.